Mother finds her children’s lifeless bodies; father did the unthinkable to them and left a shocking note beside their bodies, the reasons behind the crime are nothing but disturbing

People can engage in various forms of harmful behavior when they want to hurt someone, including physical violence, verbal abuse, and spreading rumors or misinformation. But you would never think that someone is able to do bad things to their children with the intention of hurting someone else. A heartbroken mother has spoken of her pain after her husband drowned their three children because he knew it would “hurt her the most”.

Debra, who is doing what she can to deal with this heartbreaking loss, said: “He took them away from me, because he knew that would hurt me the most.” The children were found dead at their father’s home. “My children were absolutely amazing. They were three beautiful little souls that didn’t deserve this,” Debra said. Prosecutors say that Debra’s ex-husband, 35-year-old Jason, confessed to killing his children on video, going into detail about how he drowned each of them one by one. Debra and Jason were in the midst of divorce proceedings. Debra said: “He always said he would never do anything to the kids. You know, I never thought anything of it, and I have regretted every day of my life that I let him see those kids, because I would have never thought that he would have done something to them.

Debra added that her children, 5-year-old Bryant, 3-year-old Cassidy, and 2-year-old Gideon, were the most important things in the world to her, and that Jason knew that. “The most important thing to me were the kids, and he knew that,” she explained. “He knew that nothing mattered but those children, and he took them away from me, because he knew that would hurt me the most.” Still, the grieving mother told how she could never have anticipated her husband doing something like this. “I thought what was right was that the father should be involved. The father should see them,” she said of her decision to take the children to see their dad last weekend.

When she arrived to pick her children up, Debra found their lifeless bodies lying on a bed inside the home. Authorities revealed that a letter had been left for Debra, reading: “If I can’t have them, neither can you.” Jason was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase across several highways. He claimed to have attempted suicide multiple times after murdering his children. Speaking of her eldest son, Bryant, Debra said: “He always told me, ‘Don’t worry, mommy, I’ll always take care of you’.” She described 3-year-old Cassidy as “the sweetest girl in the world”, and said her youngest, Gideon, “was momma’s boy.” Our hearts bleed for Debra and the rest of her family who are mourning the loss of three beautiful angels.


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