Man awakened by strange noises, takes a picture and notices a creepy figure standing near the kitchen’s entrance

People are afraid of the unknown, and because these kinds of pictures and stories exist and are circulating over the internet, the anxiety and paranoia are growing even bigger. One of the latest in a long line of creepy stories is the one that has been shared on the internet.

The man shared a creepy photo that he had allegedly taken in his home. The photo depicts a figure standing suspiciously near the entrance of the kitchen, and once you’ve seen it, there is no way to unsee it.

He said he had heard the sound of clothes rubbing against one another or the sound of feet walking around before noticing the face.

“After hearing taps and noises from my kitchen, I took a photo and saw this,” the man wrote.

Even though there were two other people living in the house with him, he claimed that he was all alone at his home at the time that the event occurred.

“I’m leaving to go stay with my parents, but I’m still going to be paying my share of the rent as the lease doesn’t have long until it expires anyway,” the man added.

He also shared that while he’d chosen to move out, his roomates had decided to stay back there, despite knowing about this. At first, many people couldn’t see what was wrong with the seemingly normal picture.

One user commented, “Man, that jumpscared me for some reason. Meanwhile, I’m working the nightshift and hearing really scary, disturbing noises, could be a client or the fridge. I shouldn’t browse this sub in my nightshift lol.

“Try not to fear it. Keep your lights on for now, put some salt on the floor near your bedroom door and if shit gets read run at it, not away,” another wrote.

See the photo he has taken HERE. Is this a practical joke or is it real? Share your thoughts in the comments section on Opera.

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