He is a real hero, restaurant worker jumps out of a window after noticing something strange in the back seat of a vehicle…

For younger individuals, getting a job at a fast food restaurant might be like going to school for real life. They’re getting their first taste of the working world and a chance to put some money in their pockets. Despite the fact that this kind of employment seems dull and boring, it’s been known to be related to some really strange stories and events.

Such an event occurred to 19-year-old Logan, who is dreaming of opening his own restaurant but is currently working at a local fast food delivery restaurant.

When Logan was in the kitchen making meals on a typical working day, he was startled out of his routine when he suddenly heard terrified screams coming from the street. After looking through the window, the teenager noticed that the screams were coming from a vehicle that had just pulled over. The family driver was desperately shouting for help since her 6-year-old child was choking in the back seat after getting entangled in the seat belt.

Logan noticed the boy and decided he needed to immediately take action since the child’s body turned red and his face became incredibly pale. But there was another obstacle between Logan and the child; the distance to the vehicle. At that moment, Logan’s natural instincts worked, and he jumped through the little window that was used for food delivery. Then he ran to the vehicle and noticed the boy was unable to take a breath.

Logan then cut the seat belt with a penknife, and moments later, the boy leaned back and was finally able to breathe.

“I realized that there was nothing wrong with his breathing,” Logan said.

Since that time, Logan Simmons has established himself as a real hero and a prominent figure in his city. His actions were the subject of articles that were published in newspapers, and the entire story was shown on television.

“It’s really nice and pleasant when you get praise and support from society. I felt like a real hero. But I still don’t like such increased attention. I wasn’t looking for fame, I was just trying to help a person whose life was under threat. I am still a little shocked and have not moved away from what happened, but I am very grateful to God for being able to help,” Logan added.

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