Gov. DeWine imposes sanctions against Russia due to its recent aggression on Ukraine

Columbus, Ohio – Many countries around the world are imposing sanctions against Russia in response to their recent invasion of Ukraine, and Ohio is one of them.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has prohibited the purchase and sale of a Russian-owned vodka.

In a press statement, DeWine said that he has authorized the Ohio Department of Commerce to ban the purchase and sale of any vodka produced by Russian Standard.

Green Mark Vodka and Russian Standard Vodka are two of the brands it sells its vodka under.

According to the Ohio Division of Liquor Control, about 6,400 bottles of Russian Standard vodka are now available for purchase at the state’s more than 400 liquor stores and convenience stores.

According to the press statement, all other vodka brands that are purchased from distilleries that are not based in Russia will continue to be available on the market in Ohio.

Gov. DeWine also declared February 27th as a “Day of Prayer” for Ukraine.

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