Four teenagers taken into custody after fatally shooting Lyft driver

Dayton, Ohio – Four teenagers are facing charges in connection with the deadly shooting of a rideshare driver and the armed robbery of another whose car had been stolen, according to authorities.

Officials say the teenagers, who are all between the ages of 15 and 16, were taken into custody early Wednesday morning after a brief standoff at a Dayton house.

Each teen was charged as a juvenile with aggravated robbery and aggravated murder, but prosecutors said their cases will likely be transferred to adult court in the near future, pending the outcome of the investigation.

The inquiry started after a rideshare driver phoned the police to report that she had been robbed at gunpoint by a group of teenagers.

A fatal shooting call was received at the same time, involving another rideshare driver who was discovered dead in his car, which had crashed into another vehicle after the driver was shot.

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