Fight over a PS4 led the 15-year-old girl to fatally stab her brother

Springfield Township, Ohio – In Springfield Twp., Hamilton County, a girl who was 15 years old was arrested for the stabbing murder of her brother, who was 16 years old, police said.

The officers found the 16-year-old victim with a stab wound when they arrived in the 1500 block of Meredith Drive at 11 in the morning. According to the reports from the police, the teenager was transported to the University of Cincinnati Hospital, where he was declared dead.

Police took the 15-year-old girl into custody but did not identify her given the fact she is a juvenile.

Officers were unable to give any further information on the events that led up to the deadly stabbing, but reportedly, the mother said in the 911 call that her daughter stabbed her son over a fight about a PlayStation 4.

The investigation remains open.

We will update this article as soon as we find out more information.

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