Donation funds set up for mother of 7 who died of COVID-19

Dayton, Ohio – Friends of Tawauna Averette have set up some funds where people can donate Christmas presents and money to her family.

Averette, a 42-year-old Kettering Health Network nurse who died from complications of COVID-19 on Tuesday, was featured in a Dayton Daily News story on Thursday. She leaves behind seven children and her husband, Charles, to whom she was married for 14 years.

Her youngest child, Skye, was born while Averette was sick with COVID-19. Averette died without being able to hold her youngest child. She gave birth via C-section while she was still in the hospital sick with COVID-19.

Skye is now about a month old. She has not been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is doing well.

The family is also accepting donations and gifts at the Dakota Center at 33 Barnett St. in Dayton.

Cash donations can be made at the Kettering Network Credit Union: Tawauna Averette Memorial fund for her family.

Tawauna’s long-time friend, Kellye Alves-Fisher, said her friend was a social person who liked to debate and was very political, but was also a dedicated mom. She was a hard worker and would work two or three jobs at a time. She was active in the local Kami Kares Foundation, Alves-Fisher said, and that’s where the two friends met.

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