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Dayton-area kids ask Santa Claus the most adorable questions

Dayton, Ohio – Dayton-area children have adorable questions for Santa Claus.

This year, with help from the 2nd Street Market, local kids had a chance to send Kris Kringle their questions on a direct line to the North Pole.

This week, Santa has been answering their questions on the 2nd Street Market’s Facebook page.

What seems to be of concern to local children this Christmas? Santa’s diet and whether he can read minds.

The questions — and Santa’s answers — are worthy of a Ho-Ho-Ho.

How old are you, Santa?

I don’t know, I forgot.

I don’t like cookies. Can I leave popcorn instead?

Popcorn will work and If I don’t finish it the reindeer will.

Do you melt like Frosty?

When it gets warm, Santa is very uncomfortable.

Can you leave a present for my cat, Carlos?

I’ll leave a toy mouse and some catnip.

Do you know my Mom and Dad?

I knew them when they were your age, and I brought them gifts, too.

When is your birthday and do you get presents and cake?

I like cake, but Mrs. Claus cuts me off after one piece.

Can you read my brain?

I can’t read your brain, but I do know when you’ve been good and I know when you’ve been naughty.

Can I have an elf live with me and help me make toys all the time?

Elves are a little funny. They don’t like being away from the North Pole, and if the toys don’t come out right, they really toss a hissy fit. Besides, they are finicky eaters.

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