Couple saw a photo of a neglected 7-year-old boy and decided to adopt him, you won’t believe how he looks today

Priscilla Morse saw a photo of Ryan, who weighed only 3.5 kilograms at 7 years old. But because of her love, that boy’s life completely turned around.

David and Priscilla have two biological sons.

The 3-year-old had heart problems, but the U.S. couple didn’t mind. Two years after she was married, in 2014, Priscilla saw a photo that she could not forget. The photo was of a 6-year-old boy who looked like a baby due to a lack of food and care.

A boy named Ryan was literally dying in an orphanage in Europe, and it was predicted that he would not live long unless someone adopted him. Then Priscilla made another selfless decision.

She felt God telling her to adopt Ryan: “I don’t know how to describe it, but you just know when you look at them.”

“We decided a long time ago that if we are going to adopt, we will adopt children who no one else wants — children in developing countries who are forced to live in hospitals.”

The couple soon started the adoption process.

He was 7 years old and weighed only 3.5 kilograms. Priscilla recalled: “He was just skin and bones.” He literally looked like a skeleton. I thought I was going to YMP.

Ryan had many health problems, including cerebral palsy, leg problems, brain problems, and a large head. It was crucial to treat it as soon as possible.

When they took him to the hospital, the doctors were shocked that the boy was still alive.

Ryan spent a month in the hospital, where the doctors discovered that he has a syndrome due to which the body does not store excess food but throws it out immediately.

“It was very difficult for a long time,” Priscilla said. “We kind of try to shield ourselves from how serious the situation is all the time and try to push one day at a time.”

Ryan was fed through a tube to strengthen his body.

He soon got stronger, and the doctors could start treating his other ailments. After a few years, Ryan transformed.

He is now 12 years old and unrecognizable.

Ryan has grown a lot; at the same time, his speech has improved, and he can now move his arms freely. Ryan turned 12 in May of this year and is truly unrecognizable.

Doctors predict that with a lot of therapy and treatment, Ryan will be able to reach his full potential. But seven years of neglect cannot disappear in one day.

Although Ryan has a long way to go, his progress is proof that he should never give up.

“Everyone deserves a family,” said Priscilla Morse. “No one should be written off because they have special needs or because things will be difficult.”

“Life is hard anyway, and you have to adapt and learn because these kids are really worth it.”

This story is proof that with God’s help, anything is possible. See the photo of Ryan taken a few years after his adoption here.

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