Couple got married and a 20-year-old photo revealed shocking truths about them after the wedding!

This couple got married and found out the truth about their past. They met in 2011 at their university, where the man was studying psychology and business and the woman studied economics and management.

Their journey began when the man, Ed, approached the woman, Heidi, and Ed asked her how to use the clothes dryer in the dorm.

After four years of dating, they went to dinner with their mothers, who started talking about their childhoods, and Heidi’s mother mentioned how Heidi fell in love with a boy named Ed on a summer holiday when she was only six years old.

His name seemed like an odd match, but they didn’t pay much attention to it until a few weeks later, when her mother, Kay, found photos from her 1997 summer vacation in the attic.

In the boy, she immediately recognized her son-in-law.

“When my mother sent us the first photo, I was stunned. I had to lie down for a while. Later, Ed’s family found several more photos. Unbelievable,” Heidi said.

Heidi and Ed were inseparable during that vacation and held hands constantly, and the two claim they knew they’d end up married as soon as they met in college.

“When we found out about it, we had already been together for four years. It’s a crazy idea that it could have happened, and we’ll never know,” said Heidi, adding that friends often tell them it’s fate and that their story sounds like a movie script.

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