Convicted drug dealer, who got out of prison after serving 22 years, is accused of shooting and seriously injuring a woman

A man previously convicted for cocaine trafficking, granted early release from prison by ex-President Barack Obama in 2015, has once again found himself incarcerated. This time, he faces charges of attempted murder after a woman was reportedly shot by him.

Alton Mills, a 54-year-old previously involved in a crack cocaine operation, was originally imprisoned in 1993. This came about due to federal conspiracy charges and two prior convictions concerning possession of small amounts of crack cocaine, which subsequently led to the imposition of a sentence enhancement. Consequently, Mills was handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

However, in 2015, after serving 22 years, his sentence was commuted by the then-president. Despite this, eight years post-release, Mills now potentially faces another life sentence following an alleged shooting incident roughly two weeks ago.

Details have emerged of a woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, who was shot in a Chicago suburb and is currently not anticipated to make a recovery.

This incident reportedly transpired on a Sunday morning shortly after three individuals departed a nightclub south of Chicago. The trio found themselves behind Mills’ SUV at a traffic light near the I-57 on-ramp in Posen, Illinois. Allegedly, Mills didn’t move his vehicle even after the signal turned green.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kathryn Morrissey has stated that the driver, not having sounded the horn, proceeded past the stationary Mills. In response, Mills allegedly pursued the group, discharging three rounds from his vehicle’s driver-side window.

Tragically, one of the shots landed on a woman asleep in the car’s backseat, causing severe head trauma which doctors have asserted is likely non-recoverable.

The front passenger provided the police with a description of the shooter as an older black male with a distinct “salt and pepper” beard. They also managed to take a hazy photograph of the shooter’s license plate.

This led the authorities to Mills’ residence in Evergreen Park, where they reportedly discovered several loose 40-caliber bullets matching the ones used in the shooting. Forensic tests on the suspected car confirmed the presence of gunshot residue.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Mills has confessed to being the shooter, and to inflicting “great bodily harm and imminent death” upon the victim.

Mills is currently facing three charges of attempted first-degree murder and is being detained without bond at Cook County Jail.

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