Baby turned blue and almost died of a common illness; All parents should be aware of the warning symptoms

The majority of parents are usually too worried about their children, especially when it comes to their health and panic over even the slightest cold or cough, when in fact there is nothing to be concerned about.

But this mother says the opposite and advises other parents to take their kids to the doctor even if they notice the smallest change in their health because she went through something scary with her son.

The mother did not pay too much attention when noticing her son, Grayson, was starting to have a chesty cough as she attributed it to a cold.

However, the condition continued to deteriorate, and within twenty-four hours, Grayson, who was only six months old at the time, was unable to breathe and was becoming more out of breath. Shortly after Grayson turned blue, the frantic parents immediately took him to a hospital where they were informed their son was suffering from a virus they had never heard of in the past, syncytial virus (sin-SISH-uhl).

The mother is now sharing her experience in the hopes of alerting parents to be on the lookout for the most important signs and symptoms after her kid nearly passed away from the common illness.

Almost all children have had respiratory syncytial virus by the time they turn two. RSV causes symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, and runny nose.

“It was just exhausting for me, he was starving all the time as he was struggling to feed and breathe at the same time, he wasn’t sleeping and I would have to hold him upright so he could breathe easier,” the mother said.

The biggest concern the mother had after being told about the illness her son had was whether he would have any long-term consequences or breathing issues.

While at the hospital, Grayson was put on oxygen and had to have a feeding tube inserted as he wasn’t taking food orally.

The family is now at home, and according to the mother, it took Grayson around three months to fully recover.

“There are quite a few symptoms, like runny nose, decrease in appetite and cough. But your little one doesn’t need to have every single one. You know your baby, you know them better than anyone else, if you think there is something wrong, then take them to the doctor,” the mother added.

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