Another Dayton man sentenced in last year’s double shooting incident

Dayton, Ohio – In an ongoing saga of violent crime in Dayton, a second individual involved in a double shooting incident has been given a prison sentence. The situation escalated to a point where a car, as a result of the incident, crashed into a residential property at a sluggish speed.

The implicated, Mr. Lanile Lamone Brown III, aged 20, had initially been scheduled for trial on the 5th of June in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. However, taking a turn of events, Mr. Brown entered a plea of guilty to a single charge of felonious assault. On these grounds, Judge Kimberly Melnick sentenced him to a term of 6 to 7½ years, deducting 351 days in acknowledgment of his time spent in custody prior to the sentencing. The record of this decision was officially documented on May 8.

As a component of Mr. Brown’s plea agreement, an additional charge of felonious assault, along with a charge concerning the discharge of a firearm in or near a prohibited premises, were summarily dismissed, according to court documents.

In connection with this case, on May 15, 2022, Dayton law enforcement officers responded to a distress call from the first block of James H. McGee Boulevard. The emergency had arisen following the shooting of two individuals within a vehicle which subsequently crashed into a residential building.

“The initial investigation showed that an occupied vehicle was shot at and two people inside were struck by gunfire,” Lt. Steve Bauer of the Dayton Police Department noted in a previous statement. He added that “The car subsequently struck a nearby residence at low speeds.”

From the results of their initial investigation, law enforcement deduced the shooting was a “targeted attack.”

In a preceding court decision in October, Judge Melnick sentenced Mr. Brown’s co-defendant, Mr. Contrieve Wilson, to a decade in prison. His sentence was issued after he pled guilty to a count of felonious assault. Much like Brown’s case, Wilson’s additional charge of felonious assault and a count related to the discharge of a firearm at or near prohibited premises were dismissed under his plea agreement.

Currently, Mr. Wilson, also 20, is serving his sentence at the Pickaway Correctional Institution. Upon his release, the Ohio Parole Board will supervise him for a period ranging from 18 months to three years.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brown was received at the Correctional Reception Center of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction on May 19. Court documents reveal that upon his release, he, too, will be subjected to a similar period of supervision ranging from 18 months to three years.


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