Woman widely condemned for giving birth in her sixties, “Selfish woman, you will be dead by the time the child turns 20”

Becoming a parent is clearly a special feeling, especially for mothers, but this woman, who became a mother at the age of 64, was widely condemned on the internet.

A woman has sparked a heated debate on a parenting forum after expressing her opinion on giving birth in your sixties by saying it is a selfish move.

She shared her thoughts in the form of a story about a gallery owner named Julia who gave birth at age 64.

“When her daughter is 16, she will be 80 years old. There’s a good chance she’ll be dead by the time her child turns 20.”

“She could be dead before the child turns 25. It’s very selfish,” she wrote.

The former owner of the gallery, Julia, gave birth to her daughter in 2017, when she was 64 years old. Now she is 68, and her daughter is four years old.

Most people supported the critic, stating that it is a selfish decision for both women and men.

“Just because you can give birth doesn’t mean you should. You’re right,” said one woman.

“I think it is not fair to the child because of the big generational gap. It all depends on how open-minded the woman is. The child will definitely have difficulties with his peers,” adds another.

However, some point out that it is much more selfish to have children if the parent is in an unstable financial situation.

“In fact, it is much worse to have a child born into poverty, regardless of age. Some decide to become parents in much worse circumstances, it is unreasonable,” they say.

Although this is an extreme example, some people on the forum say that those who decide to become parents later are often the ones who really want a child and can provide a stable and privileged life.

“I’m more worried about teenagers giving birth,” “Parenthood after 60 will only be considered by the rich,” “That child is loved, nurtured, and wanted. Was she being selfish? Maybe”

“Will that affect the child more than having toxic parents? No. I don’t know, I think at that age you just don’t have enough energy, like in your twenties or thirties,” are some of the comments.

What is your opinion?

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