Man recorded throwing punches at an elderly man, gets a very unpleasant surprise instantly

This video is one of those that went viral on social media and left many netizens shocked. This disturbing footage shows a man getting instant karma after attempting to attack an elderly man. The latest is a video in which a middle-aged man who thought it would be fun to assault an elderly man instead gets a very unpleasant surprise.

The video shows an elderly man standing outside of a shopping center with a bag on the ground next to him. A man wearing a black hoodie and baggy jeans can be seen approaching the elderly man aggressively after dropping his backpack on the ground. The man filming the incident, presumably a friend of the attacker, is heard saying, “Oh, you’re going after him,” after the elderly man warns the attacker: “I’m going to hurt you.”

Things get more aggressive as the younger man puts his hands up and swings at the elderly man several times. However, the elderly man proves to be more than up to the challenge. As he repeats, “I’m gonna hurt ya,” he swings hard at the attacker and, with just one punch, completely knocks him out. He grabs his bag and walks away.

“Oh, you got knocked the f**k out boy,” the man filming can be heard saying to his friend. “Knocked the f**k out.” The video quickly went viral. In less than a week, hundreds of thousands of people watched it.

Viewers shared their thoughts about the video on social media.

“You punks be very careful when you start harassing and picking on senior citizens,” one user commented. “You have no way of knowing what war they went through or what their background is. A great many of us have not forgotten old skills or can still take care of ourselves. Also, be aware of who might have a license to carry concealed. Just saying, easy pickings may not be so easy!”

“WAY TO GO,” another viewer wrote. “My dad once told me, don’t ever under estimate an older man they didn’t get old by being stupid . GOD BLESS YOU my Brother. And dude get a job, and for petes sakes pick up your pants you look RIDICULOUS !!!”

“Older generations were raised to be men and women strong,” another user added. “No snowflakes, when a bully came up we stood up. Maybe got ass kicked, but we had respect and our dignity.”

We are republishing this story amid recent reports of a surge in violent confrontations between Americans going about their daily lives. Click here to view the video.

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