Jealous woman tracked her partner everywhere and did the unthinkable when she saw him with another woman

A young woman will most certainly spend decades in prison for what she did to her boyfriend when she caught him in a restaurant with another woman. It was later discovered by the authorities that the jealous woman tracked her boyfriend for an extended period of time using the popular AirTag device, initially designed to help you locate your keys or other items.

Gaylyn Morris, 26, was arrested immediately following the incident and faces several charges that could land her in prison for decades.The victim in the case, Morris’ boyfriend called Andre, has been fatally struck at least three times with her car in front of an Indiana-based restaurant where Andre was allegedly meeting another woman while still in a relationship with Morris.

Shortly after the incident, the local police department informed us that Morris had been following her partner for an extended period of time using Apple AirTag, a device placed in his vehicle. Per the police, Andre and Morris’ relationship had been experiencing difficulties at the time the incident took place and their relationship was not clear.

Although Andre considered the relationship was over, Morris didn’t agree with him, and she was tracking him all the time.

In early June, Morris was following Andre to a restaurant where he was allegedly meeting another woman that night. Obviously jealous and nervous, Morris entered the restaurant and claimed to patrons that she and Andre were in a relationship and that he was cheating on her. She allegedly swung an empty bottle at the other woman while inside—only to be intercepted by Andre, the officers said.

Morris and Andre then exited the bar, and the suspect then ran him down, said a witness who told cops she looked on from inside the pub. According to an affidavit, Morris allegedly “pulled forward and clipped the victim, and he went down, at which time… [Morris] then backed over him and hit him for the third time.

Due to the heavy injuries the victim sustained in the incident, he was pronounced dead at the scene. When officers arrived in front of the restaurant, they found Morris in the parking lot. While investigators were still working on the scene, Morris was taken into custody. She was later charged with murder and will most certainly spend decades in prison if convicted.

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