Her husband disappeared six weeks after the wedding, she discovered the shocking truth 68 years later

A woman married the love of her life, but shortly after the wedding, an unexpected turn of events took place.

She hadn’t heard from her newlywed husband more than a month after the wedding. She lived with the burden most of her life, and 68 years later, she found out the truth.

Her husband Billy disappeared just six weeks after their wedding in 1944. It wasn’t until 68 years later that she found out what actually happened.

Peggy married her boyfriend Billy in 1944. They were married only a few weeks, and then Billy was drafted into the army as a pilot and sent to fight in World War II.

Peggy hasn’t heard from him since. At first, she thought that he must have died in the war. However, since she had not received any report or confirmation of his whereabouts, she began to hope that he was still alive.

That lasted for 68 years, until her cousin researched military records and discovered that Billy had died in a plane crash.

She was moved by the fact that a street in a small town was named after her husband, who did everything to prevent a plane from crashing into people and taking more lives.

It is very sad that only after all this time did Peggy learn the real truth and put an end to the story of her long-lost love.

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