Give your live Christmas tree new life, it could be planted in a Beavercreek park

Beavercreek, Ohio – Beavercreek residents can now give their live Christmas trees new lives as a part of the Beavercreek’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department’s program for Christmas trees.

Millions of Christmas trees are being cut and then dumped after the holidays, and Beavercreek’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department is working to change that in a program that runs for years for the local residents.

According to officials with the department, Beavercreek residents were encouraged this holiday to buy living trees from local gardens and nurseries, and will plant those trees after Christmas through the ForEverGreen Program.

This program initially started 20 years ago and so far, dozens of donated Christmas trees are still part of the local parks.

“There are some who don’t have a live tree in their house but just want to donate for Christmas, or in honor of a loved one or an anniversary,” Assistant Parks Superintendent Zach Wike said.

Despite the fact that this project runs for two decades now, there are residents that have never heard of it. Others, however, donate their live trees every single year.

In recent years the city has promoted the project as a means of both recycling old trees and replacing trees lost to pests like the emerald ash borer or the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes.

“We live in a world where everything is thrown away,” Wike said. “This is an opportunity for something to be reused and recycled, to give it another life in a park others can enjoy.”

The organizers of the project confirmed that only Beavercreek residents are eligible to take part in the project. All Christmas trees must be in good condition. Cut trees are not accepted. The tree can be in “ball and burlap” form or in a container, as long as the roots are intact and in good condition.

Once residents are done with their Christmas tree and all the decorations are removed, call the city at 937-427-5514 to schedule a time for city staff to pick it up.

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