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DPS board votes unanimously to extend Thanksgiving break through New Year

Dayton, Ohio – Dayton Public Schools’ board voted unanimously Tuesday to extend Thanksgiving break through January.

The decision impacts 15 instructional days.

It will extend the Thanksgiving break from Nov. 30 through Jan. 3. This will encompasses winter break which was set to begin Dec. 18.

Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli told board members that turning completely virtual as other districts have done wouldn’t be possible.

“If we move to totally virtual, we still have staff absences that are affecting whether or not the student has a virtual teacher or not,” she said. “We still are facing sickness and illness among our own staff members that we’re having to cover 3-5 classes at the elementary, 7-9 at the middle and high schools.”

When asked about athletics, Lolli said a final decision hasn’t been discussed with the district’s athletic director but she is of the opinion that if students are out of class, they should be out of sports for the same period.

“I think it is the safest thing for our students to not engage at this time,” she said.

Lolli said her opinion is also based on calls from other districts that have had cases and are asking to cancel games and competitions as a result.

The days will be made up at the end of the school year. This will mean the last instructional day for DPS students will be June 29.

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