Young pregnant woman was aggressively slammed to the ground by an officer after she flicked cigarette ash on the patrol car, investigation

The police should serve and protect the citizens, but despite the oaths they give, some of them still express their “power” by using excessive force and being brutal against their fellow citizens.

The latest incident of this kind, where a police officer used excessive force while apprehending a person, is now being reviewed and discussed by an oversight group. The incident occurred more than a year ago and was captured on bodycam footage.

The incident occurred after the woman was accused of allegedly flicking cigarette ash over a police vehicle while leaving a gas station.

Officers came up to her as she sat on the sidewalk and told her to go back to the police car and clean it.

The footage shows the officers arresting the then 20-year-old J. Burgos on the ground as she desperately asks for help from passers-by and yells at the police that she is pregnant. Officers then took Burgos into the police vehicle, where the video shows her spitting at one of the officers, M. Hernandez.

In an effect of anger, Hernandez is captured grabbing Burgos by the neck and aggressively slamming her to the ground, at which point she looks to have been knocked out.

Seeing Burgos fall to the ground, the other officer shouts at Hernandez, exclaiming, “What the hell did you do?” and: “What the hell?”

While the police officers were waiting for backup, they were confronted by customers at the gas station who had seen the incident.

Burgos had a lot of swelling and bruising on her face as a result of the incident.

The representatives from the Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP) of the city of Miami, who had seen the footage, were shocked and disgusted. They also condemned the officer’s behavior and stressed out that these kinds of incidents are unacceptable and should immediately stop.

The Miami Police Department issued a statement on social media regarding the incident, “The Miami Police Department is aware of a video circulating on social media depicting a Miami Police officer involved in a use of force incident which occurred on November 27, 2020. An Internal Affairs Investigation was conducted, and we have cooperated with the State Attorney’s office. As of June 22, 2021, M. Hernandez is no longer employed by the City of Miami Police Department.”

After Burgos was arrested, she is said to have filed a complaint with the police department.

CIP officials said they don’t have the power to discipline officers and suggested that the case against the officers in the incident be closed.

Both officers linked to the incident have resigned.

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