Montgomery Co. works to combat issues of homelessness and food insecurity

Montgomery County, Ohio – In recognition of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month, Montgomery County Human Services Planning and Development came to the Homefull Mobile Grocery’s regular stop at Sinclair Community College.

In Montgomery County over 3800 households experience homelessness every year, and one in six don’t know when their next meal will be “That’s why we’re really bringing people’s attention to this issue,” said Jessica Jenkins, the Assistant Director of Montgomery County Human Service Planning and Development. “During the pandemic especially, those two issues around housing and food insecurity have been paramount.”

The mobile grocery stops at 10 different locations each week, providing the community with a much-needed source of groceries. The mobile had some “extra bonus things” on Tuesday, including flu shots and immunizations, as well as crock pot meals and recipes for people just in time for thanksgiving.

Jenkins also spoke about a 44-day challenge that they are featuring this week. “On average a household spends 40 days in a shelter, and we want to get it down to zero,” she said. The 44-day-challenge is an initiative where each day people who sign up will get a daily prompt of something that can challenge them and helps spread better awareness around the issues of hunger and homelessness. You can sign up for the challenge here.

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