“For me, it was an easy decision,” Man made startling statements after killing neighbors he thought were terrorists controlling people’s mind

Many of the people who commit a crime and take someone’s life subsequently regret their actions, but some of them embrace it without the least remorse by making startling comments, such as the Ohio man who is accused of killing four people earlier this month.

According to the evidence presented in court, the man from Ohio said that the decision to murder the four people was easy for him to make.

The 39-year-ol Stephen Marlow has been charged with twelve counts of aggravated murder, eight counts of aggravated burglary, one count of weapons possession under disability, and one count of tampering with evidence in connection to the murders of four people on August 5 in a quiet neighborhood in Dayton, according to an amended complaint that was filed on Tuesday.

During the course of the investigation, the suspect, Marlow, was being interrogated by the authorities. When asked how he felt about the events that took place on August 5, the suspect said, “For me, it was an easy decision.”

Sarah Anderson, 41, and her daughter Kayla Anderson, 15, were both shot many times by Marlow after he allegedly entered their home at 7120 Hardwicke Place that morning. An affidavit says that he then went to the house next door at 7214 Hardwick Place and shot Clyde Knox, 82, and Eva Knox, 78, several times, killing them both, before running away from the scene of the crime.

Marlow was confronted by a witness who saw him walking between two different homes. According to the witness, Marlow was holstering a revolver at the time and made a “vague threat” to the witness. After hearing gunshots, a second witness spotted a man who matched the description given of Marlow departing the location at 7214 Hardwick Avenue in a car. The witness discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Knox had both been killed in their garage when he went to check on his neighbors.

On the surveillance footage that was recorded from Sarah Anderson’s garage, Marlow can be seen opening fire and killing Sarah before going inside the home to kill Kayla.

When the authorities carried out a search warrant at the residence that Marlow shared with his parents, they found a “manifesto” saved on one of the computers. The “manifesto” included Marlow’s name, address, and life story. It was reported that he “spoke of conspiracy theories” and that he believed his neighbors were terrorists who controlled the minds of other people. In Marlow’s online history, the police discovered search results related to the manufacturing of explosives.

After the murders, Marlow released a pre-recorded video in which he expressed his intentions to carry out “the first counterattack against mind control in history” and to execute those responsible for mind control. According to the police, Marlow was willing to die for this cause.

The security footage that the police obtained allegedly shows Marlow entering his storage unit only a few minutes before the killings that took place on August 5th. During their search of the storage unit, the police found a number of weapons and “some writings on warfare.”

Marlow was located by the FBI in Kansas on August 6, one day after the crimes took place there. According to the affidavit, Marlow apparently admitted that he could not possess weapons due to a prior charge of aggravated burglary and told authorities that he obtained his firearms from a private dealer in Kansas

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