Authorities still looking for one inmate after apprehending the two cellmates he escaped with

Dayton, Ohio – Two of the three Ohio inmates that escaped from jail on Monday morning have been apprehended and are now in custody.

Authorities reported Monday morning that three inmates, Aaron Veyon, Cole Taylor, and Roy Agin, managed to escape from the Muskingum County Jail in Zanesville.

Aaron Veyon was being held on charges of possessing weapons under disability, drug trafficking, and three counts of criminal drug possession.

Cole Taylor was arrested for allegedly getting stolen goods and tampering with evidence, and he was in jail for a while.

Roy Agin was being held on charges of falsification, escape, and failure to appear. Because Agin failed to appear at his scheduled parole hearing, he was charged with escape.

According to authorities, the inmates were sharing a cell on the third floor of the prison and assaulted the officer who was conducting his evening rounds. The prisoners were able to take the officer’s keys away and then used the key to depart through several rooms to make their way out of the prison.

Two of the inmates, Cole Taylor and Roy Agin, were arrested shortly after their escape, but Veyon still remains at large.

Authorities said Veyon did not have a weapon in possession at the time of the escape, but they have issued an “approach with caution” warning for him.

Anyone with information about Veyon’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Muskingam County Sheriff’s Office at 740-452-3637.

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