A high demand of COVID-19 vaccinations in public health departments

ROY, OH- The COVID-19 vaccinations are in high demand, as reported by several local public health departments. As of now, vaccination appointments have been filling up very quickly and it is suggested that those eligible to be vaccinated, reach out to more than one provider to increase their chance for getting vaccinated before spots fill up.

Vicky Knisley-Henry, health educator for Miami County Public Health, reported that 300 appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations filled up in just 2 hours. As a result, Miami County Public Health will only open registration for appointments as vaccines become available.

“What’s happened the last few weeks, we’ve found out on like Wednesday [how many doses we will receive], so Thursday morning it’ll open up,” Knisley-Henry said.

So far, the available providers are: Miami County Public Health, Kroger, and Premier Health.

In Pebel County, the public health department was the only provider but Walgreens and CVS will begin to administer vaccines this week, according to Erik, Balster, a health commissioner. He even added, “We actually hit the voicemail capacity in our line that is dedicated to COVID [vaccine] registration,” he said.”

To book your appointment, Public County Public Health is allowing residents of the county to book vaccination appointments by phone or on the health department’s website once the vaccinations become available, although it is not known exactly how many doses will arrive in future shipments.

It is predicted that more doses will become available each week, especially not that Johnson & Johnson vaccines are expected to be on the market in the next few weeks.

For information on appointments  through Miami County Public Health, visit their website or call 937-573-3461.

For information on appointments  through Miami County Public Health, visit their website or call 937-472-0087.

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